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About Our Swim Program

Our revolutionary indoor swim program is designed to help swimmers take their current understanding of their own swim technique, along with their own internalization of pacing, and move them to the next level in both awareness and execution.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we will have a very intentional program built to incorporate purposeful drills followed by swim sets that enable swimmers to take drill learnings into their free swim. We will work on establishing the critical t-pace near the beginning of the program so there are tangible pacing goals to work towards throughout the 8 weeks, using swim stroke count and rate as additional components for swimmers to focus on so they own their pace, versus chase their pace.

Notice as of 3/23:
Our Swim Program is transitioning to a new location. Friday sessions will be paused. Please stay tuned for more information.

Upcoming Class Schedule
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Pricing Plans
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More Information

We will typically have 2 coaches at these classes. One may be on-deck, and one may be in the water swimming with you at any given point in time, for both above water and underwater feedback.


Things to know prior to your first class:

  • There are lockers and showers available, along with a hot tub and a sauna.  Please bring your own lock as these lockers are not combination-lock lockers.

  • Small towels are available at the front desk upon check-in.  However, they are small!  (We would suggest bringing your own towel, but should you forget it, they do have them!)

  • Equipment is optional but very helpful for drill-work:

    • Pull Buoy

    • Swim Paddles

    • Swim Snorkel for Lap Swimming and noseclip (this is a crucial tool for helping with drills and formwork)

    • Hydration to keep on-deck

    • Fins (optional--these will be used sparingly and only intentionally, so they don’t become a crutch)

  • You do not need to participate in all 8 weeks to do this program. Even if you only make it to a few sessions, you will be sure to learn something helpful and useful! However, if you CAN make it to all 8 weeks, you will get the most benefit from the design of the program, since each week will build upon the prior week!

Do you come from a swim background?

Our classes provide the opportunity to focus on small, crucial form and stroke adjustments to better prepare for open-water swimming vs. pool swimming. After years of training and thousands of yards, it can be easy for even the most experienced swimmers to form bad habits and a "lazy" form. 

Are you new to swimming? 

For those who come from a more recent venture into freestyle swimming (likely for the sake of triathlon), this class will focus heavily on intentional form, so that “bad habits” aren’t just reiterated lap after lap. One can swim thousands upon thousands of yards, but if critical elements to their swim form are being done incorrectly or inefficiently, nothing is being gained in the long run. Newer swimmers can expect to run through a lot of drill work to help ensure you are doing the right thing in the water, and therefore making tangible and sustainable improvements.


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