Q&A with Nicole Devine: IM Madison, Training, and More!

This month, we got to ask Nicole Devine a bit about herself, her IM training, the charity team she is racing for and more!

Meet Nicole - a paralegal by day and a musician by night. Oh, and between all of that, she fits in training for Ironman Madison and raising money for charity! She has two wonderful rescue dogs, Brantley, a beagle mix, and Miles, a border collie mix.

Q: What lead you to sign up for the full IM and how did you find the foundation? A: I played soccer growing up and in high school I joined the cross country team to stay in shape for soccer but ended up falling in love with running. My high school cross country team used to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon and I always watched the participants thinking that was not something I could or would ever do. After I graduated from college though, I realized I had gained some weight and when a friend asked me if I wanted to do a marathon with her I thought it would be a great way to lose the extra weight. She lived in Los Angeles, CA at the time. I have always been a huge fan of California. My uncle lives there so I was able to go there to see him and experience Southern California a lot growing up. My friend wanted to run the LA marathon for Team World Vision, a charity team that works with World Vision, the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the world. After visiting developing countries during my undergrad, I saw firsthand the hardships that people face without clean water. I loved the idea of helping that cause so it was an even easier yes for me to run the race. Unfortunately my friend had something come up and didn’t get to do the race. When I got to Dodger Stadium on race morning I didn’t know anyone that was going to be running. I was nervous and anxious but I felt a little better knowing I was a part of a team. At about mile 7 the head of Team World Vision, Michael Chitwood, ran with me and chatted with me. When he found out I lived close to Chicago he said I should sign up for the Chicago Marathon with the team. I told him I just wanted to make it through the race since it was my first one. He told me he’d see me in Chicago. And he did. March of 2015 and October 2015 I ran my first two marathons with Team World Vision and fell more and more in love with their mission as I trained. In April of 2019, I ran my sixth marathon in Nashville. I went to Team World Vision’s tent at the Expo to say hi to the Nashville team leaders and they invited my dad and me to the team dinner. It was at that team dinner where a man named Richard “RichRel” Reliford told his story about how he completed Ironman Wisconsin for Team World Vision. His talk was so inspiring that it made me commit to doing Ironman Wisconsin to help provide clean water to even more people. Q: What was your background before training for the IM? A: I told myself I was going to complete five marathons and then do an Ironman. I ended up doing seven. I have completed marathons in Los Angeles (2015), Chicago (2015, 2019), Walt Disney World (2017), Vegas (2017), New York City (2018) and Nashville (2019). I plan to do all 50 states at some point. In case you’re interested, New York was my absolute favorite. I always did sprint triathlons and cycling as cross-training. I enjoy swimming but I had never swam competitively other than the sprint tris. Q: How has your training been going? What has been the hardest part? A: A couple months into training I was out walking my dogs and they pulled me very aggressively which caused an impingement in my rotator cuff. It can be difficult for me to walk them if they pull me since, combined, they weigh as much as I do. Swimming has been hard for that reason. I also had ankle surgery in January of 2020 after tearing a ligament and tendon in the 2019 Chicago Marathon. I have occasionally had issues with my ankle this season. I was in physical therapy for the first few months of training for both my shoulder and my ankle. Otherwise, training has been going well. I’m always amazed at how one day something seems so difficult and then a couple months later you can look back and laugh when you do something ten times harder and crush it. Q: How do you keep the motivation? What keeps you going? How do you fit in all your training? A: I have always been the kind of person that likes to have a super packed schedule. It’s easy to stay motivated for this race when I remember why I’m doing it. There’s people in the world that have to walk an average of 6K to get dirty water that might kill them. I’m doing this for them. Every mile I swim, bike, or run is one they won’t have to. I have a nice set up as far as training goes. Monday: bike, Tuesday: swim and run, Wednesday: lift and bike, Thursday: swim and run, Friday: bike, Saturday: bike, Sunday: swim and run. I typically work out at night unless I have a gig at night… then I get up early. My schedule would likely be a nightmare for most people because I tend to do a lot of things in a day but that’s my preference. Q: Advice for anyone wanting to train for an IM? A: Do it!!! It’s a lot of fun. It’s something that you have to budget your time for just like anything else you’d want to do. I have learned so much. Not just about the three disciplines but also about myself. Never stop learning/ educating yourself during training. It’s amazing how many things I have learned from people who are stronger in areas that I am weaker in. I would definitely recommend training with people that are more experienced than you are in any of the disciplines but specifically any that you’re weaker in. That helped me a lot on the bike. Q: Do you have any goals for the race? A: Finish!

If you are interested in donating to Team World Vision, you can find Nicole's fundraising page here:

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