Q&A with Austin Fausett: Preparing for Chefs Cycle's No Kid Hungry Fundraising Ride

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin. I realized early on that I wanted to be a chef and cooking allowed me to travel and learn about different cultures. I was fortunate to work in some of the best restaurants in San Francisco, New York City, Vienna, Austria, and now Chicago. My wife Morgan and I recently became parents, and we are so proud of our little girl, Charlotte (3 months old).

Q: How did you first get into cycling?

A: This has been recent, actually! Mike Savage came to a restaurant I was running in Naperville and brought the whole Sammy's Triathlon Club in for dinner. I met Coach Sarah, and I came to a CompuTrainer class. I was hooked immediately; I liked the people and seeing myself improve each week.

I was always into bicycles as a kid, assembling and disassembling them. I enjoyed learning about the mechanics of bikes. I also appreciate endurance running because of my mother's experience as a long distance runner and birkebeiner (cross country skiing). I have previously run in the Queens Half Marathon and the Vienna Marathon, fundraising for Team Parkinsons.

Q: Can you tell us about Chefs Cycle, how you found it, and what the fundraiser with No Kid Hungry means to you?

A: Over the years I have worked with No Kid Hungry and always believed in their initiative. I love that it helps families that are less fortunate. I feel that every kid should be afforded a healthy meal. Chef Cycle partners with No Kid Hungry and Share our Strength by promising to feed 100 children for every $50 donated. In 2021, I hosted a Regional Chef Cycle Event where we rode from Chicago to Milwaukee and raised $1250 for No Kid Hungry. This year, I will attend the National event with my peers in California.

Q: When will the event take place and how many miles will you be riding?

A: May 17 & 18 in Santa Rosa, California (Sonoma County). We will ride 100 miles for 2 days consecutively (with hills!).

Q: How has/will your training look(ed) going into the event?

A: I'm riding and exercising at least 5 nights a week. I'm trying to work on different muscle groups, as well, to build muscle and endurance. Generally I ride for about an hour. I plan to do at least 3 rides of 50+ miles this spring as practice runs. I need to prepare for HILLS more this year! There are not many hills in Illinois, but Sonoma County, CA is a different story. I will do some riding in the Kettle Moraine, WI to practice for the event. I also registered for my first sprint triathlon in Naperville in August 2022, and I am looking forward to preparing for this event with Sammy's Tri Club!

Q: What is your fundraising goal?

A :My individual fundraising goal is $7,500, and the total event goal is to raise a total of one million dollars, providing 2 MILLION MEALS for Share our Strength/No Kid Hungry through our participation and spreading awareness via Chef Cycle.

If you would like to donate to Austin's individual fundraising efforts for Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry, visit the link below!

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