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About CompuTrainer

Our indoor cycling studio gives you the chance to continue to train with power indoors during the winter months. With a controlled environment, indoor cycling is the perfect opportunity for structured interval training and longer steady-state workouts that can help increase your overall strength on the bike.


We offer 5-6 coached classes each week with our coaching staff on-hand to run you through a variety of different workout styles. Our studio currently holds 22 CompuTrainer stations with your ride information, structure and/or courses projected onto our large screen.


Whether you’re looking to prepare for your next race season, or wanting a fun, interactive training experience this winter, bring your bike and come a join us for a ride!

Dec 11 - Dec 17















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Class Types

Our workouts feature a mix of endurance-based, interval, threshold, and hill training sessions. The goal of these sessions is to not only create a fun, interactive training experience, but to also give riders a chance to work on power and form with our experienced coaches.

Interval Work

This class is meant to be taxing and challenging, but with a big picture intention and purpose of growing your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) over the off-season months. This is a great class for anyone who is looking to take their cycling to the next level! Expect a lot of upper threshold and anaerobic work in this class. (Power Zones upper 4, 5 and 6)

60 - 90 minutes 


Endurance Work

These classes offer a mix of course riding and longer intervals focusing on the same concept as the short interval class, but allowing for longer interval sets at Zones 3 and upper Zones 3, along with Threshold work while riding real-life courses.

90 - 120 minutes


Women's Ride

This class is geared towards women who are looking to enhance their knowledge of riding, while building some fitness too. This class is a perfect way to help prepare oneself for a longer group ride in Spring 2022! No prior riding experience needed. All ability levels can and will get something out of this ride!

60 minutes


Core/Cycle Class

This class will always start with 15' of core work, then progressing to the bikes for 45' of form focus work. (Think "single leg drills", faster cadence work, and slower cadence work!)

60 minutes


FTP Testing (Monthly)

This will be offered 1 time a month for those wishing to test their Functional Threshold Power. These classes will be offered as an event you must pre-register for and will include a run-through of your test results with our coaches and refreshments.