Overcoming adversity and not only rising to challenges, but actually seeking them out for the sake of growing to and beyond one’s potential, is the crux to truly LIVING LIFE. This is a mantra I’ve embraced fully my whole life! While I did not discover the sport or cycling or triathlon until my late 30’s, I did grow up learning the importance of adaptability to any and all situations after multiple moves in my childhood/teenage/young adult years, along with an intense skill set of deep mental focus and fortitude through years of classical piano training.

Once I was fortunate enough to discover cycling and triathlon, (both of which came about as part of my journey back to “normal life” after a debilitating back herniation injury), the experiences of my upbringing found their perfect home—within the limitless skies of cycling, and the constantly changing landscape of triathlon. Adaptability and mental toughness fit right into both sports brilliantly! Those elements, along with a never-ending desire to push myself outside my comfort zone, (and several early and frankly unexpected successes in races!), drove me to keep pushing and keep working. Cycling and Triathlon lit me on fire like nothing else I had ever experienced, and I quickly realized it was not enough to just do these sports for the sake of myself. I had to learn more, grow more, develop more, for the sake of others’ own cycling and triathlon journeys.

I hold a degree in General Business. But after having three children and taking a step back from the professional world to stay home full time with them, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself once I went back to the “working world”. So, I sought out a Massage Therapy certification to learn more about the amazing connection between mind/body awareness, while also becoming licensed as a USA Cycling Coach and USA Triathlon coach. I continued training and racing, having the good fortune to take several Age Group Titles and a few Overall Wins in Short Course triathlon races. A few years later I switched over to Long Course triathlon races, and began coaching multiple athletes on their own journeys within the sports of cycling and triathlon.  

Coaching Philosophy:

Coaching is now my passion. No two athletes are ever exactly alike. Everyone comes hardwired with their own set of internal and external motivators, along with their own natural strengths and limiters. So much of the appeal to coaching, is learning each of these individual components within each individual athlete, and then expanding on the elements that are already present, while digging in more deeply to the raw and rough pieces that can still be cultivated for more growth and development.  

I believe in using as much tangible data as possible that is available to each athlete via the use of power-metrics and heart rate data in both cycling and running, along with an emphasis on the psychological and intrinsic feedback from athletes. I am a huge believer in focusing on form and biomechanics to ensure an athlete is not wasting time with faulty muscle patterns, and also helping teach athletes a greater sense of mind-body connection so there is intention to every workout.  

I’ve coached athletes to National titles, Worlds Qualifications, Overall race wins, multiple successful Ironman race finishes (including first timers), and PR’s at all distances of triathlon, working with athletes at every level, from beginner to semi-pro. After many years in the triathlon coaching industry, it is a huge honor to finally be part of such a fantastic team of Cycling and Endurance Sport Coaches here at Peaks Coaching Group!


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